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How to earn money with Hostgator Affiliate Program?

Have you ever wonder instead of paying for hosting you can actually earn money from them.

Yes, by using Hostgator affiliate program. You can earn up to $2500 per month with Hostgator affiliate program.

Make Money with Hostgator Affiliate Program

Hostgator is not only popular for his hosting and excellent customer support, but we can also make money from HostGator by using their Affiliate Program.

It is an excellent way of making money from Hostgator affiliate program.

Hostgator provides various types of hosting like VPS hosting, Dedicated and WordPress hosting.

Countless websites are hosted over Hostgator as it is fast, secure and provide inexpensive plans affordable for everyone.

Joining a Hostgator Affiliate Program is free, you don’t need to pay any fees or charges for joining their referral program.

You can earn up to $65 if anyone signup using your Hostgator affiliate link.

Hostgator Affiliate Program

There is not any boundary on earning with Hostgator Affiliate Program, you can earn as much you want.

Suppose you will succeed in getting 15 sign ups per month then your earning will be 15*100 = $1500.

You can check the above image and calculate your earning per signups.

Hostgator affiliate program is simple and for everyone, you don’t even need to have a hosting account with Hostgator.

Hostgator provide this affiliate program via Impact Radius. Impact Radius manages their affiliate program.

Create Account with Hostgator Affiliate Program

For getting started with Hostgator affiliate program you need an account. For creating an account visit Hostgator Affiliate page.

Hostgator Affiliate Program

Click on Sign Up Free!

On the next page, enter every asked detail and your website address. Fill out the full form carefully.

Hostgator Affiliate Program

After filling this page, you need to fill an additional, personal and tax information.

After reviewing your form, Submit it.

Hostgator manually review every application, so it can take 3-4 days to approve your application. They can also disapprove your application if your website does not qualify as per their terms and conditions.

4 Tips for Quick Hostgator Affiliate Program Approval

For getting instant approval in the first time you must have-

  • .com domain name. eg:
  • At least 5 posts on your blog or website.
  • Structure your blog properly.
  • Not any prohibited and sexual content.

If your application gets approved, “Congratulations”.

And you will get a welcome E-mail from Hostgator including a sign-in link.

Hostgator Affiliate Program

Click this link and it will take you to the Impact Radius login page, now just enter your registered E-mail and Password.

Complete Withdrawal Settings

After login, the first thing you will have to do is to complete your withdrawal setting, just click Complete Withdrawal Setting in the top right.

On this page, Enter Your Bank Detail, for Indian users here is only one payment method and that is bank withdrawal.

Hostgator Affiliate Program

Enter your bank detail and select your payment schedule whether you want a payment on a specific day of the month or after reaching your threshold.

Save this information.

Create Custom link

Now you have to create your custom affiliate link for your blog. In the right side of your window, you will see Create a Link.

Hostgator Affiliate Program

You can set your custom landing page where your users reach after clicking on that link. This is an

optional field but I recommend you to set your landing page manually, just enter the URL of the webpage in the landing page field.

And then,

Just add your unique characters or your blog name in the link followed by 

You can also change or modify these links by going into vanity links in the ads menu.

Custom Promo Codes

Promo codes are used to obtain a discount on purchases of something. You can use these codes on the checkout page of the merchant.

If you want to buy hosting from Hostgator, use myhackersguide promo code for getting instant 60% discount.

Hostgator Affiliate program gives you a fortune for creating your own promo codes. After creating it you can share it on your blog.

This will give a discount to your users and also make your blog professional.

For creating a promo code

Click on Ads and then Promo Codes.

On the next page Click Request Promo Codes

Hostgator Affiliate Program

Select Campaign as and select any deal from the drop-down menu.

In the Suggested Promo Code field enter your desired promo code, if you want multiple promo codes you can add another if you want.

Select date in the future. If today is 01-01-2019 you have to select 02-02-2019.

Click Submit.

Hostgator will approve your promo codes within 2 hours. For getting approval your codes must be unique.

Hostgator Affiliate Banners

There also banners are available which you can use on your blog for more sales. You can see all the banners on the front page after logging into Hostgator Affiliate Program.

Just select any banner copy the code and paste into your blog where you want to appear them.

Gator Website Builder

Thank you for Reading. I hope you find this information useful.

This is for now. If you want to buy hosting from Hostgator you can visit this link.

Buy Shared Hosting From Hostgator

If you need any help or facing any problem you can comment below I will definitely help you.

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