10 Powerful Reasons To Buy Domain With Google

In this article we will talk about that why you Buy Domain With Google instead of choosing others.

Google Domain is a domain name registration service by Google. Where you can buy a new domain name or transfer your existing domain name.

Google Domain does not only provide domain names, but it also provides other advanced tools that can help us in developing our business or websites.

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There are many domain name registrars available but I prefer you to buy domain with Google Domains.

Buy Domain With Google

What is Domain Name (Google)?

Domains names are used to identify your website from millions of websites.

A computer recognizes a website by his IP address but it’s difficult for normal humans (except superhuman) to remember so many up addresses.

To solve this problem domain names came into existence.

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Domain name is like a brand name for your blog. So every blog must have a premium looking domain name (.com, .in, .net).

.com TLDs are the most trusted and premium looking domain name. Domain names contain .com are more trustworthy and engaging.

What is Google Domain?

Google Domain is a Domain name registrar where you can register a new domain name for your website or blog. This service is provided by Google.

From Google, we get certainty that it will be fast and secure.

A good domain name can skyrocket your blog appearance and bad can tarnish.

Even though it has been 5 years since it was launched, but it is still a beta version.

So it’s always a good idea to choose a quality domain name and buy it from a reliable domain provider.

A brand-new unused domain name will cost you around $10 to $25, you can also buy a domain name that is already registered.

Although there are several domain registrars are present like Go-Daddy, Big Rock, Hostgator, Bluehost then why to choose Google Domain by leaving them behind.

Here are 10 Powerful Reasons to buy Domain with Google

#1: Transparent Price

Other domain registrars like Godaddy, Big Rock promises you to give you a domain at cheap prices but they can recover their given discounts through other services like Domain Privacy.

You can check these screenshots

This screenshot is from Google Domains where Google is giving you a Domain + free Privacy Protection in just 860 INR for one year.

buy domain with google

This screenshot is from Godaddy, Godaddy giving you a domain name in 849 INR and Domain name Privacy in 299 INR. The other point is when you have to renew your privacy protection the charges increases to 499 INR just for a year.

buy domain with google

And the other good thing about Google is the renewal price is same as the original price while other registrars charge you almost double.

#2: Free Privacy Protection

Privacy protection is a service provided by almost every domain registrar. It is used to hide your contact information from the public that is accessible via WHOIS.

But Some domain registrars give you privacy protection for free only for the first one year and others give you at an additional price. Like you see in the above images.

But Google offers you free privacy protection until your domain is valid.

#3: Easy Integration With Top Sites

You can integrate your Google Domain with other top sites. If you have bought a domain name it simply means you also want to create a website and want to buy hosting somewhere.

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This is where an integration part comes in, So here Google makes thing easier for you. Google makes a partnership with other websites builder tools like-

Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and some other which Google owns like Blogger and Google Sites.

You can integrate your Google Domain with any of these websites hasslefree.

Google has also created a step by step lovely guide to starting a website with any of these.

If you are not interested in these websites you can also buy hosting from other hosting provider and connect your domain with them without any problem.

#4: Create Upto 100 subdomains

With one domain with Google Domain, you can create up to 100 subdomains for your website. 100 subdomains are much more than need.

#5: Create up to 100 email aliases

Suppose you have an email address and on this email address your customers send you support related requests, but now you want to use another email address for these requests and don’t want to create another email. This is where an aliases email comes in.

An alias take emails from @support email and forwards it to another email (where you want).

Hope you understand.

#6: Get G-suite Access

G-suite contains a Calendar, Gmail, Hangouts, Drive for storage, Docs, Sheets, Forms and Sites.

Even though these services are free with normal Gmail account but with G-suite you will get professional email ( matches with your domain plus unlimited Google Drive storage.

This is not a free service. G-suit is available at extra cost.

But you can still use this if your domain is registered with other domain registrars. You only need a Domain name for this.

#7: Top-Level Domain Names (TLDs)

Google provides many TLDs for everyone. If you are a dentist you can choose a domain like, or if you are an actor you can use and many others like this.

buy domain with google

#8: Easy to use Interface

Google Domain provides a convenient interface. Just one Google account is enough to buy and manage your every Domain.

The interface will look as you already saw it, you don’t need to mess with it too much. It is easy to learn and manage. Google has a similar interface everywhere, simple and secure.

Other hosts have a different interface, so you will going to save a lot of your time.

buy domain with google

#9: Automatic Domain Verification

One more handy feature of  Google domain is you do not need to update TXT records for site ownership verification with Google Search Console or with other Google services like Google App Engine.

#10: Google Support

Whether you want to know about Domain pricing or want to transfer a domain, Google will definitely help you out.

buy domain with google

You can contact them by email or chat or even request a callback from Google for any Google Domain related query.

How to Register a Domain with Google?

Google Domain is not available worldwide. It is currently available only in limited countries. You can check this whether your country is on a list or not.

If your country is on the list-

buy domain with google
  • If your domain name is available, add it into your cart.
buy domain with google
  • Then Click checkout by going into your cart.
buy domain with google
  • Again Review your order for the last time and PAY.

Bottom Line

Google domain is the most trusted and reliable domain name provider. Although it’s a beta version, I don’t think that it going anywhere soon.

Google runs Google Domain on its own server so it will be fast and secure unless you make a mistake.

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