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Easy Guide: How to get started with Amazon Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn more passive income. There are many affiliates programs are available by using them you can earn up to $10,000 and more.

Amazon affiliate program is one of those. You just have to share their products links on your blog and when someone buy your linked product you earn a piece of profit.

In this Guide, I am going to share with you everything you need to know about the Amazon Affiliate Program.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the largest and successful online network, which is helping many content creators over the internet to monetize their blog.

This affiliate program is operated by the Amazon. Amazon is an E-commerce tech giant company founded by Jeff Bezos in 1996.

It is an online shopping site, where you can buy everything- clothes, watches, electronics, shoes, groceries even furniture, and many other things.

This affiliate program lets every blogger and website owner to become their associates for free.

All you have to do is to advertise their products on your websites and when someone clicks on that link from your website and purchases a product from amazon’s website you earn a commission.

It’s all that simple.

Amazon Affiliate Program

This is a simple and free way to earn some extra income from your blog, all you need a blog or website.

Every beginner who just started a blog and wanted to earn some money from it, then this the best option for them.

Getting AdSense approval is hard for newbies you need to follow guidelines of Adsense and also need several fresh contents for getting Adsense approval.

But for amazon affiliate approval you just need a blog with a minimum of 5 posts on your blog. There is not any kind of special guidelines for account approval.

Even some affiliates programs won’t let you use their affiliate program unless your blog is capable of generating high traffic.

There are lots of categories are available from which you can choose a product and advertise it on your blog. You will earn 4% and more commission for every successful purchase.

If you have used any product that you have bought from Amazon, you can write your review about that product and share with others.

Or you have a blog on which you do all technology-related reviews about upcoming mobile phones, cameras, laptops and other products. Then amazon affiliate program is perfect to monetize your blog.

You can choose a variety of other products that are related to your niche and earn with them.

Not only this but there is also one more advantage of becoming amazon associate.

When someone clicks on your special link and reaches Amazon, although he does not buy your linked product, and he buy another product using your link you will still get your commission according to the product he bought.

For understanding commission rates provided by amazon, you can visit- Amazon Operating Schedule.

Now let’s get started toward the process of account creation with an amazon affiliate program.

Create Account with Amazon Affiliate

First, visit this Amazon Associative page.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Click on Join Now For free.

Then you will need to log in with Amazon account.

Amazon Affiliate Program

If you don’t have an account with Amazon you can create one by clicking on Create Your Amazon account.

After signing in into Amazon Associates Account, then you have to enter your website address and click add.

Amazon Affiliate Program

If you have an application uploaded in the play store you can also enter the URL of that app.

Click Next.

In the next profile section enter your preferred store id, you can enter here your website name and in about box enter why you created this blog and what kind of traffic you are attracting on your blog.

Also, write what kind of product from amazon you want to promote on your website.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Then from the drop-down boxes select which topic describes your website and fill all other fields.

After filling all the necessary details they will generate an associate id for your blog.

In the last, you need to enter your Payment detail and tax information.

That’s it!

In this way, you can create an account with Amazon Affiliates.

You must have to drive at least three sales within 180 days to avoid the termination of your account. After three qualified sales, your account will be reviewed by amazon specialists.

Create A Link

Creating a link in amazon associates is not a hard task. Just search and select any product from amazon and copy the product link, your selected product contains your associative id.

For creating a link with your product select the Product link under the product linking tab.

Amazon Affiliate Program

In the next page search for any product in the search field.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Select Your Product from the result and click get link

Amazon Affiliate Program

Then modify your item, whether you only want a text or also want an image with a text, after doing some modification copy the generated code by highlighting it.

Then paste it into your blog.

When someone clicks on that product from your blog he will be automatically redirected to Amazon website and after successful sales, you will earn a commission.


You can also place Banners on your blog. These banners are generated by the amazon with the currently available deals on the amazon. Just go to the product linking tab and select banners option.

Then select any banner from here you want and copy the code and paste it on your blog.


The commission rates are low as compare to affiliate programs, you need high traffic on your blog for earning loads of money.

Although there are many affiliates programs are available, but for many of them, you need to follow some guidelines and your blog must need to pass some eligibility test.

But For Amazon Affiliate Program you just need a blog with minimum posts and you will get instant approval. You just need an account with Amazon.

Thank You for reading my article. Hope you find it useful and please let me know by commenting down below. If you face any problem in this article, comment below, I will surely help you.

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