How to Easily Add Meta Description in Blogger Blog?

Add Meta Description in Blogger Blog

A meta description is an important part of your blog. It is a must to add factor in your blog and also into your every blog posts. In this article, I am going to show you-

How you can Add Meta Description in Blogger Blog

Blogger is a free blogging platform where you can create a free blog. It’s not just enough to create a blog and start writing a blog post, we have to do many manual settings to maintain our blog.

One of them is adding a Meta Description in our Blog.

If you don’t have a blog yet, you can create your own blog for free. So before writing a Meta Description first learn-

What is a Meta Description?

A meta description is used to summarise your content. Google understand by this that what is your blog post about. It helps to give some ideas to Google in understanding your blog post so Google can provide better results to their users.

This is a crucial part of On-Page SEO. A meta description is about 155-160 characters long and it shows as a snippet in Google SERPs.

How to Write Meta description Properly?

We have just 150 words to describe our content and have to write it best as possible. When people search into Google then Google tries to provide the best result to them related to their query and people read the meta description of the provided results whether the content is related to their query or not.

So we have to write true and engaging information in the meta description, we don’t have to mislead our visitors by writing anything off the subject.

  1. Your meta description must be between 135 to 160 characters.
  2. Your meta description must include a keyword you are targeting.
  3. It must be readable by both Google bot and humans.
  4. Meta description must be related to your content and appealing to people.

Why Meta Description is Important?

As Google stated that a meta description has nothing to do with your ranking. But a good meta description helps you in increasing your click-through rate(CTR). The better it is, the more people will click on your content, and if they find your content helpful then they will definitely become your loyal customers.

If your meta description is engaging then more people will come to your blog and it can boost up your blog’s traffic.

  1. A good meta description can boost your blog traffic.
  2. It helps in increasing more conversion rate (CTR).
  3. A great meta description has a chance to come in the Google Featured Snippets

Now you know everything about Meta Description in short. Now let’s learn how to add Meta Description in Blogger.

Add Meta Description in Blogger

  1. Sign in to your Blogger Dashboard and Select your Blog.
  2. Then click on Settings > Search Preferences.
  3. First Enable Search Description then write brief Meta Description about your blog.
  4. Click on Save changes.

Add Meta Description In Every Post of Blogger

  1. Click on Posts from your Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Create a new post or open an existing post.
  3. Click on Search Description and write your meta description.
  4. After writing click on Done.

Meta Descriptions are important for every blog although they do not help in Google Ranking but helps in Boosting your blog traffic.

That’s it. Hope you successfully added your Meta Description in Blogger. If you face any kind of problem and need any help you can comment below or Contact us.

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