Earning at risk: How to Add ads.txt Adsense File in Blogger?

Each new blogger who just gets a Google AdSense approval sees this ads.txt AAdsense error in their Adsense dashboard.

“Earning at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue”.

Every blogger needs to solve this otherwise it can impact on your earnings and also reduce the number of ads showing on your blog.

Google and other networks such as Infolinks provide this ads.txt file and they strongly recommend to add it on your blog. By adding this you can control over who can sell ads on your blog, so you can avoid any counterfeit inventory.

This is a common error and can be solved easily. In blogger, there is a simple way to add this file.

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While in WordPress, we need to upload this ads.txt file into the root directory of our blog.

But this blog post is designed for bloggers users so no talk about WordPress.

Ads.txt AdSense is a file which contains a code, we just need to copy the code from the file and paste it into the blogger blog from the dashboard.

This red warning shows at the top of the dashboard of your AdSense account.

How to Add ads.txt AdSense file in blogger?

This is the screenshot of the problem which you are seeing currently in your Adsense account.

You will see two buttons with this error one is fix now and other is learn more, click on a fix now, then you will see a download button.

Just click on download, and you will get a file containing your code which you need to put into your blog.

Now open ads.txt file and copy the code from the file, then after copying the code.

  • Go to the 
  • Select your blog in which you want to paste the code.
  • Click on Settings > Search Preference > Monetization.
  • Then click on Edit > Yes and paste your code into it.
  • Save Changes.

That’s it, this is how you can fix ads.txt adsense error.

Note: The error doesn’t go away immediately, it can take some time even days or months so wait until it goes away.

But now you can start implementing your AdSense ads on your blog without any problem.

This depends on the ads request, that how many ads request your blog is getting, if your blog is getting enough visitors then this error can disappear within a week.

Otherwise, give it at least 20-25 days.

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